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A Brief Introduction to the Different Types of ADHD


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Types of ADHD

Experienced business leader Paul Eckert has served as chief executive officer at Family Financial Centers in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, since founding the company in 2004. More recently he has expanded his activities to include a role with Family Partners Insurance. Beyond his various professional interests, Paul Eckert supports several nonprofit organizations, such as the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Established in 1855, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) is the nation’s oldest medical institution and America’s first hospital to specialize in pediatric medicine. As a pioneer in pediatrics, CHOP maintains a number of specialty facilities, including the CHOP Center for Management of ADHD. The center provides more testing and treatment services to families throughout the region than any other facility, offering support to both children living with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and those who may be at risk of developing it.

A behavioral disorder, ADHD is characterized by shortened attention spans and impulsive decision making. There are three types of the disorder, each with its own set of symptoms.

The first, ADHD predominately inattentive type, or ADHD-I, is defined by symptoms such as frequently losing things and having difficulty listening to parents and other authority figures. Even when children with ADHD-I do manage to focus, they may struggle to follow instructions or make careless mistakes while performing tasks.

The second, ADHD predominately hyperactive-impulsive type, also known as ADHD-HI, involves hyperactive behavior, such as an inability to stay in one place or continuous talking. Other symptoms include physical twitches and loud, exuberant play.

The third, ADHD combined type, or ADHD-C, involves six or more symptoms of hyperactivity or impulsivity and six or more symptoms of inattention. For more information regarding the disorder and the Center for Management of ADHD, visit