Paul Eckert

The International Franchise Association Works to Save Small Businesses

International Franchise Association
International Franchise Association


As the founder and CEO of Family Financial Centers, Paul Eckert of Doylestown, Pennsylvania, paved the way for more than 40 locations of his franchise. Paul Eckert has enjoyed a good deal of franchising success in Doylestown and the surrounding communities and works with the International Franchise Association to further expand his reach.

The International Franchise Association engages in advocacy and lobbying work in order to support franchisees across the planet. In the United States, a major component of this is the Coalition to Save Local Businesses. This group works to facilitate commerce, and especially franchisees, at the local level.

The coalition’s goals are currently being threatened by the National Labor Relations Board. This unelected body of officials seeks to change some of the laws that affect contracts between businesses. Proposed changes could have negative impacts for some small business owners, and the Coalition worries that these changes may discourage others from creating new small businesses altogether.

To learn more about franchising, small businesses, and the threats they face today, visit


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